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Stacey McCarthy and The SHOCK repertoire….

“I call it my SHOCK repertoire because that is who we arrange my songs for… my band – the SHOCK!
We released Lessons Learned in December 2011 and as expected it has earned a very varied set of likes accross the tracks – ‘Vacancy’ took an early lead although ‘Till The Next Time’ then caught up.¬†You can listen to and buy our debut album on the Lessons Learned page.

We knew some songs like ‘I’ll Testify’ would transfer between different presentations easily. ‘Moments’ has been more of a surprise to us as it has found a way into our 2, 4 and 7 piece line-ups live.

In December 2014, and having completed the songs for the second album, we released a single ‘Pressure’. This, along with 2 other tracks, ‘Nag Nag Nag’ and ‘Scarred’, nicely showcases the extended range the Shock repertoire now covers.

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4-Piece Live Acoustic Showcase